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The belly landing came as the Sea Vixen returned from an air show.
The plane, which was flying to Jeddah's King Abdulaziz International Airport from Medina, declared an emergency and arranged for a belly landing - one where the planes landing gears have not descended - upon arrival.
An alert was declared immediately and arrangements were made for belly landing. The plane landed safely without incident.
A week after the 727 landing, a Polish Boeing 767 with 230 people on board made an emergency belly landing at Warsaw airport when none of its landing gears would come down.
By the time of a second belly landing on December 11, 1944, any prospect of an operational F5F had been bypassed: Grumman's mighty F6F Hellcat was decimating the Japanese naval air arm.
He narrowly avoided disaster in a treacherous stretch of water a few miles off the Wexford coast after performing a belly landing.
The Japanese government's aircraft safety watchdog issued a report in May saying the nose landing gear failed to go down due to a missing bolt as a result of a human manufacturing error, forcing the airplane to make a belly landing at Kochi airport.
I say this was ironic because, about an hour later, base told us we would have to do a belly landing. Because we already had raised the gear, there was no way we would cycle it for a gear inspection and run the risk of strut problems and worsen our situation.
A Vintage World War II-era B-17 bomber made a belly landing at a municipal airport in the US after its landing gear collapsed.
We circled the Orange Bowl at a thousand feet in the Grumman Mallard seaplane before lining up for our belly landing in Biscayne Bay.
Photos of the wreckage suggest the jet made a belly landing, which happens when the undercarriage is retracted.
Many pilots believe a belly landing on grass or open land is preferable to a runway because it's softer and more forgiving than a concrete slab or thick asphalt.