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* A fully enclosed, segmented belt guard offers safer operation and easier access for maintenance.
The vehicle is finished with all-black nine-Spoke wheels and a solid black belt guard and rear sprocket.
The slotted belt guard and muffler shields mimic the lightening holes drilled through race-bike.
* Releasing the belt guard and motor tension (equipped with quick disconnects)
Other features enabling the EP10AH to function effectively in such high temperatures include the use of de-rated AC motors (standard motors effective up to 40[degrees]C) and a 'finger-proof' pierced metal belt guard.
In an old fashioned way albeit, the blacked-out theme extending from the mid-mounted foot controls, the oil tank cover, the 19-inch front and 16-inch rear cast aluminum wheels, the belt guard, and the low rise drag handlebar.
Mean and moody, it's virtually all black - black powder-coated engine, black chopped mudguards, black forks, black oil tank cover and black belt guard.
Foot pegs, hand grips, mirrors, air cleaner, lights, wheel covers, belt guard
The vacuum tester consists of a 16 cfm (at no load) vapor-oiled rotary vacuum pump powered by a 5-horsepower, 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine with drive belt guard, 20 feet of vacuum hose with brass quick disconnect coupling on each end, and a welded steel testhead of the proper size to fit inside the opening of the manhole cone.