Bench Mark

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Bench Mark


a metal disk 8-10 cm in diameter with a 2-mm hole in the center, set into the outside wall of a stone structure (building, tower, bridge) and indicating a point whose elevation above sea level has been ascertained by leveling. The bench mark also bears a number and the name of the institution or government department doing the leveling. In the USSR, the elevation to the hole in the center of bench marks is determined in relation to the level of the Baltic Sea and is cited in the appropriate catalogs.

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bench mark

In surveying, a marked reference point on a permanent, fixed object, such as a metal disk set in concrete, whose elevation (above or below an adopted datum) is known and from which the elevation of other points or objects may be determined.
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To obtain comparable height above sea level of bench marks that would have a minimum deviation from the rest elevations in the state height system the levelling line was connected to the bench marks the height of which above the sea level is defined by the vertical datum Trst.
- Field work for the Interpoint method includes establishing bench marks, labelling trees, measuring tree dbh, and measuring tree-to-tree distances, and proceeds as follows:
KARACHI -- The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) on Wednesday showed intense buying and its bench mark 100-index crossed barriers of 22300 points.
KARACHI -- The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) bench mark 100-index on Thursday increased 433.15 points or 1.94 percent to close at 22757.72 on the first day after announcement of the federal budget.
WASHINGTON A top White House official said Sunday that President Donald Trump is "deadly serious" about imposing tariffs on imports from Mexico, but the acting White House chief of staff acknowledged there are no concrete bench marks being set to assess whether the U.S.
The facility has been planned as per the international standards set forth by Higher Education Commission (HEC) exceeding the bench marks of any quality institution in terms of amenities and results, they added.
I have never understood and never will,what the bench marks are for nominations .
3 Just before the stone bench marked "Rest and be thankful", where main paths cross, turn right down the hill towards Studland.
The facility is planned as per the International standards set forth by Higher Education Commission (HEC) exceeding the bench marks of any quality institution not just in terms of amenities but also in results.
The unique three days event sets higher bench marks for performance In the coating paints and chemical industry by enlightening thousands of participants and visitors every year.