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city (1990 pop. 20,469), seat of Deschutes co., W central Oregon, on the Deschutes River, at the eastern foot of the Cascade Range; inc. 1904. Lumbering is the primary industry, and tourism is also important. Bend is the headquarters for Deschutes National Forest, which encompasses Newberry National Volcanic Monument.
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(design engineering)
The characteristic of an object, such as a machine part, that is curved.
A section of pipe that is curved.
A knot formed by a rope fastened to an object or another rope.
A smooth change in the direction of the longitudinal axis of a waveguide.
A curve or turn occurring in a stream course, bed, or channel which has not yet become a meander.
The land area partly encircled by a bend or meander.
The departure of a defined navigation course or bearing from a straight line.
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pipe bend

A pipe fitting, 1 used to achieve a change in direction.
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Nautical a knot or eye in a line for joining it to another or to an object
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3--Tube heater is activated and starts heating the bended tube zone.
She says: "My heart tells me you know and I am on bended knees begging you to end this torture and finally put my mind at rest."
It incorporates an encapsulated LED chip on an axial lead frame to form a molded epoxy lamp package with six bended leads for surface mounting.
ONLY one in five Scots goes down on bended knee to pop the question, a survey revealed yesterday.
The dancers maintain this rhythm (typically, with one partner's left hand clasping the other's right) as they navigate through turns--side to side, behind the back, or with one partner on bended knee, hand held out like a compass as the other literally dances circles around him.
There is no getting down on bended knee, no engagement ring produced from a pocket and no happy tears at the words: "Will you marry me?"
"CATSA had to go on bended knee, as it were, to get funding from the treasury board," he says.
Poole's Bended Bias Applique (1574328530, $22.95) is on the 'must have' list if it's applique you're interested in.
Eventually I went back in and, desperate for a conversation, drew a bended information technology professional wearing one of those leather bandolier things into a cabin.
Two women took advantage of the leap-year tradition by proposing to their boyfriends and two guys got down on bended knee.
Indicating a range of interests that he intends to pursue in his work for the magazine, his other books include On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency and, most recently, The Eagle's Shadow: Why America Fascinates and Infuriates the World.