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Nevertheless, knowing that the Switch is suffering from bendgate is still a bummer, especially to fans who are planning to purchase the console.
The reason behind this issue seems to go back to the bendgate issue that the phones, especially the larger iPhone 6 Plus were faced with around their launch.
iPhone 6s Plus: For an iPhone, the 6s Plus is huge and made from a different grade of aluminum alloy than its predecessor; I assume this was to prevent the reoccurrence of the Bendgate scandal.
Recent reports suggest that like last year's iPhone 6 Plus, the Nexus 6P is also prone to bending, starting an entirely new bendgate controversy.
And now, with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, there is Bendgate.
iFixit linked the unfolding touch disease scandal to Bendgate, the 2014 public relations disaster that occurred when iPhone customers (http://money.
However, since then both handsets have been affected by several issues like the bendgate problem, failed iOS 8.
com/2014/10/31/iphone-6-plus-bendgate-design-fix/) BGR , rumours have it that iPhone 6 Plus bendgate has been quietly resolved by Apple.
Shortly after the iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate issue surfaced, Samsung had released a video that displayed the strength of the Galaxy Note 4 by subjecting the phablet to three-point high pressure bend test along with a human weight test.