bending tool

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1. A threaded fitting for mounting a lighting fixture in an outlet box, or on a stud or pipe.
2. A tool for bending conduit or pipe.
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The main dimensions of rotary bending tools are listed in Table 1.
Everything in Ftouni's workshop goes back to the '60s: the iron cutter, the bending tools and machines to mold the iron.
Tech-Etch's (Plymouth, MA) in-house tool and die department produces bending tools capable of forming intricate sharp bends in tempers from annealed to full hard.
Five tenders for the supply of (a) nitrogen gas bags, (b) cast steel, (c) spare parts for hydraulic pumps, (d) spare parts for hydraulic circuits & oil pressure regulators for turbines, also (e) electric bending tools for different diameter stainless steel pipes with related requisites & electric motors.
There are several considerations, such as selecting bending tools (punches, dies, punch holders, and die holders), determining which tool should be positioned where on the stage, and assigning each bending operation to a tooling stage in the press-brake setup.