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bent grass,

any species of the genus Agrostis of the family Poaceae (grassgrass,
any plant of the family Poaceae (formerly Gramineae), an important and widely distributed group of vascular plants, having an extraordinary range of adaptation. Numbering approximately 600 genera and 9,000 species, the grasses form the climax vegetation (see ecology) in
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 family), chiefly slender, delicate plants native to cool climates. Many are used for forage or lawns. Important species naturalized from Europe include the creeping bent (A. palustris), a lawn and putting-green grass; colonial bent (A. tenuis), frequently used in lawn mixtures; and especially, redtop (A. alba), called also fiorin and herd's-grass. Redtop, a perennial with reddish panicles, is much used (often mixed with clover) for pasture and hay in NE America; it is also effective in erosion control. The cloud grass (A. nebulosa), native to Spain, is cultivated for use as an everlastingeverlasting
or immortelle
, names for numerous plants characterized by papery or chaffy flowers that retain their form and often their color when dried and are used for winter bouquets and decorations.
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. Bent grass is classified in the division MagnoliophytaMagnoliophyta
, division of the plant kingdom consisting of those organisms commonly called the flowering plants, or angiosperms. The angiosperms have leaves, stems, and roots, and vascular, or conducting, tissue (xylem and phloem).
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, class Liliopsida, order Cyperales, family Poaceae.
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1. Same as bent frame.
2. A rhizomatous grass, used where a resilient velvety texture is required.
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The Azaleas has bent grass greens, Bermuda fairways, many meandering creeks and a more wooded feel--with, of course, plenty of stunning azaleas.
Equally enthusiastic was Jeff Pervorse of Bent Grass. Pervorse says that his firm begins its work pretty early in the design process so that it can integrate how people move around the yard.
Mow warm-season grasses at 1 inch (3/4 inch for hybrid Bermuda) and cut cool-season grasses at 2 inches (1/2 inch for bent grass).
"The Senator is a Scottish-links style course with beautifully-manicured bent grass greens.
Berger said he followed a trail of bent grass into the woods until it ended at a "large circular area topped with freshly overturned dirt." At that point, he said, he called his supervisors.
The course features Bermuda fairways and tees with bent grass greens; it has five sets of tees and measures up to 6,883 yards with a rating of 73.7 and a slope of 138.
At the start of 2010, all the greens, heavily criticised by the likes of Retief Goosen in the past, were dug up and replaced with colonial bent grass. Tall trees line the fairways, many of which are doglegs, so it is a demanding driving course.
The course, designed by Thomas Clark of Ault, Clark & Associates, has a rolling layout with four lakes plus Big Creek, white sand bunkers, Zoysia fairways and L-93 bent grass greens.
Manuel Francis designed Dunroamin and he transplanted the Vesper velvet bent grass greens he had developed as the superintendent at Vesper CC in Tyngsboro.
"In Tennessee and the southern states where I played most of my American golf, you play on Bermuda grass fairways and bent grass greens like at the Augusta National, but California is very different.