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At the time, picric acid was the most sought-after explosive material and benzol was the superior gasoline.
Finalmente, o benzol era conhecido pelos efeitos nos operarios das tinturarias, elaboracao de borracha, lavadouros de panos e las.
A mother showed us two blister caps of Benzol, which she claimed was given to her by a man who told her to let her kids take it.
In addition, according to him, the Government controls the matter on lack of high octane benzols.
"Immediately on the outbreak of war Dr W B Davidson, then engineer of Nechells Gas Works, turned his attention to this question of extracting toulene from coal gas for the manufacture of TNT, and with the approval of the Gas Committee he carried out experiments at Nechells Gas Works by washing the town gas with water gas oil which had been "pre-benzolized to the extent of five per cent, his object being to extract toulol and lower fractions, and leave the benzol fractions in the gas.
The visual subjectively and benzol test were used to separate the true wool and medullated fiber.
Stolle, "As per procedure benzol chloride and anhydrous hydrazine were mixed to obtain the desired benzohydrazine crystals," Journal fur Praktische Chemie, vol.
Comparison with the structure indicates that when the boundaries of elementary cells, along [100], are parallel with the E, lamellas are in an optical intermediate position and the benzol rings are at [+ or -] 6.5[degrees] inclination.
Additionally, the company is also scheduled to activate its newly established production line of hydro-refining crude benzol in the first half of this year, which can turn out 100,000 metric tons a year.
(20) The Bergius hydrogenation process produced high-quality gasoline suitable for use as an aviation fuel, while the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process produced high-quality diesel fuel, lubricating oil, and some low-quality gasoline that, when mixed with benzol or benzene, became suitable fuel for cars and trucks.
Key costs - gas and electricity being regulated and benzol, roughly following oil prices - rose at a relatively modest rate that provided for expansion of profit margins.