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This plant is rich in medicinally important phytochemical constituents like berberine (Ali and Khan, 1978), umbellatine (Baquar, 1989), plamitine (Gosh et al., 1990), baluchistanamine, karakoramine, gilgitine, jhelumine, punjabine, sindamine, chinabine (Manske, 1998), berbamine (Khare, 2004), [beta]-sitosterol, 4-4,dimethylhexadeca-3-ol, Butyl-3-hydroxypropylphthalate, 3-(4'-(6-methylbutyl) phenyl) propan-1-ol (Sabir et al., 2013).
The plant contains the powerful alkaloid Berberine and the lesser alkalines Oxyacanthine and Berbamine; tannins, gum, resin and starch.
The presence of protoberberine and bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids like berberine, oxyberberine, palmatine, oxyacanthine, berbamine, and tetrandrine are mainly responsible for the diverse pharmacological properties of the genus [4, 5].
aristata contains alkaloid which are berbamine, berberine, oxycanthine, epiberberine, palmatine, dehydrocaroline, jatrorhizine and columbamine karachine, taximaline, oxyberberine, dihyrokarachine, and aromoline.
Berbamine (BA), one of the most commonly used traditional Chinese medicines, is a small molecule compound extracted from Berberis amurensis (xiaoboan).
Berbamine derivative (BBMD3) inhibits cell viability and induces apoptosis in cancer stem-like cells of human glioblastoma, via upregulation of miRNA-4284 and JNK/AP1 signaling.
Of course, we supposed that other components such as alkaloids columbamine and berbamine [11] also can contribute to the emission, but it needs additional studies with these individual compounds.
vulgaris which indicated that the most important constituents of this plant are isoquinoline alkaloids such as berbamine, palmatine and particularly berberine (10).
To begin with, the compounds from higher plants include Berbamine, Butulinic acid, Camptothecin, Cucurbitacin, Ellipticine, Flavopiridol, Homoharringtonine, Silvestrol, Berberine, Daphnoretin and Podophyllotoxin.
Studies show that the alkaloid constituents with an isoquinolinic nucleus such as berberine, berbamine, and palmatine are important compounds of this plant [8] and of these berberine is the most important and predominant.
It also contains smaller amounts of berbamine and jatrorrhizine and even lesser amounts of palmatine, oxyacanthine, and other alkaloids [5].