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Be Berlin has used its "City of opportunities" campaign to showcase Berlin's virtues and promote the city's image as a creative, innovative and value-generating place.
According to Ricciardi, what Berlin offers in this essay is not a straightforward conceptual analysis of liberty but an analysis of the idea from the distinctive viewpoint of political philosophy.
The major modern attraction of Berlin is Postdamer Platz, a newly built square which cost in excess of 17 billion euros.
With beer halls and stores selling everything from the latest fashions to gourmet foods, Potsdamer Platz became a central meeting point for pre-war Berlin.
Among his new buildings, the 1994 Kant Dreieck Berlin office block stands out for its extraordinary silver shark's fin, designed in homage to the dancer Josephine Baker.
com/berlinwall/provides photos, history, and detailed facts about the design and structure of the Berlin Wall.
The sacrifice of the twenty-member Berlin Ballet at the Komische Oper is especially regrettable.
Whatever the artworks' country of origin, the lack of new ones produced for this biennial and the familiarity of the ones shown--even Ulrike Ottinger's 1989 series of black-and-white photographs of the crumbling Berlin wall and Thomas Struth's 1992 shots of former East Germany were dusted off for the event--showed that Germany must get serious about financing its only biennial, which delays have turned into a triennial.
While the news magazine Der Spiegel broke the Adlon Affair, copies of the hotel bill were sent anonymously to the Finance Ministry in Berlin from--surprise
can be said to represent one aspect of the American presence--political and otherwise--in Berlin, then Hollywood is another.
But now he wants all the world--and especially gay and lesbian Americans--to know that he is gay and that his city, Berlin, is a premier gay capital of Europe.
Today, if you strolled through Germany's capital city of Berlin, you would hardly think that the city had been a battlefield for nearly 40 years.