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see beachbeach,
a gently sloping zone where deposits of unconsolidated sediments are subject to wave action at the shore of an ocean or lake. Most of the sediment making up a beach is supplied by rivers or by the erosion of highlands adjacent to the coast.
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The horizontal surface between a moat and the exterior slope of a fortified rampart; a continuous bank of earth piled against one or more exterior walls of a building as a protection against the elements.
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(civil engineering)
A horizontal ledge cut between the foot and top of an embankment to stabilize the slope by intercepting sliding earth.
A narrow terrace which originates from the interruption of an erosion cycle with rejuvenation of a stream in the mature stage of its development and renewed dissection.
A horizontal portion of a beach or backshore formed by deposit of material as a result of wave action. Also known as backshore terrace; coastal berm.
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1. A continuous bank of earth alongside a road; a shoulder.
2. A continuous bank of earth piled against a masonry wall.
3. A strip of ground, formed into a ledge to support beams or pipes.
4. The horizontal surface between a moat and the exterior slope of a fortified rampart.
5. In earth excavation work, that portion of the excavation, usually sloped, left at the perimeter and removed as the sheeting and bracing are installed.
6. A narrow terrace or shelf built into an embankment, or the like, which breaks the continuity of an otherwise long slope.
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