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see beachbeach,
a gently sloping zone where deposits of unconsolidated sediments are subject to wave action at the shore of an ocean or lake. Most of the sediment making up a beach is supplied by rivers or by the erosion of highlands adjacent to the coast.
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The horizontal surface between a moat and the exterior slope of a fortified rampart; a continuous bank of earth piled against one or more exterior walls of a building as a protection against the elements.
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(civil engineering)
A horizontal ledge cut between the foot and top of an embankment to stabilize the slope by intercepting sliding earth.
A narrow terrace which originates from the interruption of an erosion cycle with rejuvenation of a stream in the mature stage of its development and renewed dissection.
A horizontal portion of a beach or backshore formed by deposit of material as a result of wave action. Also known as backshore terrace; coastal berm.
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1. A continuous bank of earth alongside a road; a shoulder.
2. A continuous bank of earth piled against a masonry wall.
3. A strip of ground, formed into a ledge to support beams or pipes.
4. The horizontal surface between a moat and the exterior slope of a fortified rampart.
5. In earth excavation work, that portion of the excavation, usually sloped, left at the perimeter and removed as the sheeting and bracing are installed.
6. A narrow terrace or shelf built into an embankment, or the like, which breaks the continuity of an otherwise long slope.
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Observations of the ice berms formed at Wales are limited to indications of physical dimensions.
In 2011, according to Stapleton's letter to the state Health Department, CWM hired another company that found extremely high levels of gama radiation right on the surface of the northern berm around the pond, and ended up removing 66 tons of dirt from the northern berm, 4 1/2 tons from the eastern berm and 54 tons from the pond floor.
Although MSHA knew prior to its issuance, the bulletin never mentions the much more recent Knife River 2010 ruling rejecting MSHA's application of the berm standard to a 36-inch elevation.
While kicking the ball, they also were looking carefully behind the dirt berm created around their village.
The Army had set up the berms quickly and under harsh situations without much regard to proper specifications, according to Senior Chief Petty Officer Carl Arbogast, Command Senior Chief.
The individuals began an attempt to egress; however their movement away from the berm was surprisingly slow.
This system will effectively allow the infiltration berm to function as designed, eliminating the need for costly redesign and contractor downtime.
The dozers worked from southeast to northwest, building several smaller berms diagonally across the width of the river.
Like every other small company with an overworked core of employees, it was not easy to spend time, money and attention on such things as berms to block views of stockpiles and fabricated buildings to house processing operations, but the company took a very long-term view.
Further, the landscape introduces naturalistically planted berms to screen cars, frame the entrance to the airport, and provide a character compatible with the adjacent Shaker community.
Planting makes use of indigenous species, like the frothy casuarinas (feathery tree native to Australia) along the northern edges of the site and the native grasses which cover low earth berms around the range.