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When features were selected using best first search and ranker search, an accuracy of 71.19%, specificity of 41.5% and sensitivity of 71.2% were achieved (Table 3).
Accuracy of all features was greater than accuracy achieved by selection of features with genetic search and best first search i.e., 83% > 72.55% > 70.38 % using 15 fold cross validation.
The two main kinds of heuristic search method, mountain climbing method and best first search method, mountain climbing search efficiency to slightly higher, but stability and search results as best first search method, hill climbing method it is easy to fall into local extreme point.
Corresponding, the termination condition is the best first search method is the default termination condition: if continuous t (t is given in advance of a parameter) of the previous optimal attributes subset expansion did not further improve the highest classification accuracy, the search process is over.
This paper is therefore limited to comparing the implementations of the popular AI algorithms, namely Breadth First Search, Depth First Search, A*, Best First Search and Hill climbing algorithms for solving a sliding n-puzzle in an attempt to look at the better efficient of the algorithms for this case.
Blai Bonet and Hector Geffner study a family of heuristic planners [4], applying them in the context of Hill Climbing and Best First search algorithms and tested on a number of domains to analyse the best planners and the reasons why they do well.
This paper attempts to demonstrate the implementation of Breadth First Search, Depth First Search, A*, Best First Search and Hill Climbing algorithms for solving a sizeable sliding puzzle and for solving an 8 queen puzzle.