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The association of this therapy with local surgical excision of the lesions may also be a promising alternative to surgery alone and may approximate the excellent control rates reported after simple surgical excision followed by 30Gy beta radiation from a [sup.
All HIV-uninfected patients were treated with adjunctive beta radiation, and none experienced recurrences during the study period.
High doses of external gamma radiation can damage thyroid gland tissue and lead to hypothyroidism as well as benign or malignant nodules, but the effects of low doses, especially of beta radiation such as [sup.
BERLIN -- Intracoronary brachytherapy using beta radiation remains a safe and effective therapy for in-stent restenosis at the 2-year follow-up mark in its first randomized clinical trial, Dr.
9%) for the subset of patients receiving Sr-90 beta radiation compared to this placebo control group.
To calculate the annual dose rate due to alpha and beta radiation the concentrations of K, U, and Th in the ceramics and in the surrounding soil were determined.
Beta radiation (electrons) arises when an electron is propelled out of an atom into space.
Acerinox workers wore no protective gear to shield them from the cesium's gamma and beta radiation.
The particulate sample provides readings of overall alpha and beta radiation and also is used to determine the radiochemistry of the particulates.
They emit penetrating gamma radiation that is much more of a hazard than the alpha or beta radiation from cesium, cobalt, strontium or polonium,' LaMastra said.
Their innovative procedure, Epimacular Brachytherapy, utilizes highly targeted strontium 90 beta radiation in a one-time surgical procedure.
Microparticles of silicon containing phosphorous are placed in the OPAL reactor to activate the phosphorus forming an isotope of 32P which emits beta radiation.