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ProPeer served as a resource and beta test site for External Review Organization standards, establishing the company as one of the first of five Independent Review Organisations (IRO) in the nation to obtain this accreditation.
The program started with a beta test site with Eugene Field Elementary in Wheeling, Illinois, and will be rolled out to several other Wheeling and Northbrook schools.
The company has been chosen as a beta test site for Krauss Maffei's new PX all-electric injection moulding machine.
The quality of what we have here is shown by the fact Kodak use us as a beta test site, we test their plates here.
was selected as a live scan beta test site for the upcoming SWFT and OPM mandate for e-Fingerprinting.
Barona Resort and Casino, a US-based hotel and casino company, has announced the launch of a beta test site for online poker free-play.
The company said that the server-based software has been beta tested, with a UK-based Electronics company as the lead beta test site.
In that type of a test, visitors coming to the site in odd minutes might land on the standard Web site, while others entering on even minutes would get a completely different beta test site.
Faerch was the beta test site for the Plus models, which were introduced commercially last year.