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purple betony

purple betony

Not to be confused with true Wood Betony. Narrow leaves at base of tall 2ft stick-like stems with cluster of purple flowers on top. Astringent. Slightly bitter (good for digestion) Flowers, leaves and stem used to make tea for anxiety, migraines, gallstones, heartburn, high blood pressure, headache, neuralgia. Strong antioxidant.
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Media enquiries to: Betony Taylor Head of Corporate Communications HSBC Bank International +44(0)1534-606004 betony.
Star performance Surprise Party looked the sort who could have more up her sleeve Next time Betony showed her true colours with a pleasing effort in the 7f maiden, and a similar event should soon come her way Who shaped as though coming to hand in the 5f handicap?
Conditions that wood betony can prove useful include aches and pains, anxiety, asthma, bronchitis, coughs headaches, nervousness and neuralgia.
When we match the letters and words on the fragment with the betony text in the manuscripts of Lelamour's herbal, the evidence is persuasive.
Beneath large oak trees, Packard planted shade-loving herbs such as angelica, Chinese foxglove (Glutinosa), skullcap (Scutellaria laterifolia), and wood betony (Stachys officinalis).
95 pbk), Book 2 Princess Betony and the Thunder Egg Pamela Freeman/Tamsin Ainslie (A$ 17.
Karen Betony, RN, PGDipHealth, MScNsg, Nursing Evidence project nurse, Christchurch
Betony ydi'r enw Saesneg ar cribau San Ffraid, ac mae 'na enwau eraill hefyd yn Gymraeg - danhogen, dwyfog a'r feddyges lwyd, Ac mae'r enw olaf yna yn rhoi cliw i chi.
Scarlet tanagers appear in the woods; meadow parsnip, wood betony, honeysuckle, buckeye and red horse-chestnut flower.
Around 44 per cent of skiers and boarders wear helmets," says Betony Garner, a spokesperson for the Ski Club of Great Britain.
63 JPY Media enquiries to: Betony Taylor HSBC Bank International +44-(0)1534-606004 Betony.