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1 In Irish and English history, that district of indefinite and varying limits around Dublin, in which English law prevailed. The term was first used in the 14th cent. to designate what had previously been called English land. Outlying districts were styled the marches, or border lands. In the time of Henry VIII the Pale extended N from Dublin to Dundalk and c.20 mi (32 km) inland from the coast. It disappeared in the ensuing years as the English control of the whole of Ireland was made effective. There was another English Pale in France, comprising Calais and the surrounding area, until 1558.

2 In Russia the Pale designated those regions in which Jews were allowed to live. The Jewish Pale was established in 1792, when it comprised the areas annexed from Poland in the first partition. The area was extended (partly as a result of further annexations), but even within the Pale the Jewish population was subjected to many restrictions. Most of these were in force until the Russian Revolution of 1917.



the name of an English colony in southeastern Ireland founded by Anglo-Norman feudal lords in the 1170’s. The name entered into use in the second half of the 14th century.

The borders of the Pale changed in the course of the struggle of the invaders with the population of the independent part of the island. Castles and fortifications were erected in the border zone. By the late 15th century the Pale comprised the presentday counties of Louth, Meath, Dublin, and Kildare. The Pale served as the base for the Complete subjugation of Ireland by the English in the 16th and 17th centuries.


1. A flat strip (slat) or round stake, usually of wood; set in series to form a fence.
2. An area enclosed by such stakes.
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While Moon Creek Road doesn't pack the same kind of punch as Beyond the Pale (and most likely won't win the accolades that Pale did), its gracefulness is its own gift to readers.
But for me, the strengths of Beyond the Pale are those of the traditional epic: compelling characters living through crushing forces of history; a point of view that transcends the limitations of the everyday and offers historical sweep; a story that enthralls and surprises; an authorial voice that wraps you completely in another world.
But, even more beyond the pale is that he has countenanced the trading of his own judicial nomination by the Democrats for the Republicans' nomination of Republican County Judge Joseph Alessandro, found 'not qualified' by the Westchester County Bar Association.
But none of those rascals could touch a Labour MP whose treachery went beyond the pale.
But the vile threats which have been sent her way since go far beyond the pale.
The cavalier attitude that this council has is beyond the pale.
I will not offend your sensibilities with the plot-line, which is completely irredeemable and goes far beyond the pale of human decency.
Assistant chief ambulance officer Keith Prior said: "It is bad enough that someone would be so vile as to target an ambulance but when you find out that they targeted a vehicle manned by volunteers who are supporting their own communities, it really is beyond the pale.
His Holmfirth Civic Hall exhibition, entitled 'Far Beyond the Pale Horizon', runs until October 18.
However, a 74-year-old spending 13 hours in a waiting room in the hope of being admitted to hospital is beyond the pale.
He healed people on days when strict interpretation of laws meant he should not have done so; he spoke to, and touched, people regarded as being beyond the pale.
That a civilised country could literally remove a dying woman from hospital care was beyond the pale and any self-respecting man or woman should condemn such totalitarian behaviour by people representing our Government.