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1. the sloping face adjacent to the working edge of a cutting tool
2. a retaining outer rim used in vehicle instruments, eg in tachometers and speedometers
3. a small indicator light used in vehicle instrument panels


(design engineering)
A grooved rim used to hold a transparent glass or plastic window or lens for a meter, tuning dial, or some other indicating device.
A sloping face on a cutting tool.
The oblique face of a cut gem, between the table and the girdle.

bezel, basil

The bevel or sloping edge of a cutting tool, as an ax or chisel.


(1) The front cover on the case of a desktop or tower computer. Bezels are typically plastic but are occasionally metal.

Bezel on a Tower Case
In order to install or replace drives that require user access, the bezel is removed.

(2) The border around the screen of any TV, computer or mobile device. As electronics become more miniaturized, the bezel becomes thinner, and more screen area occupies the same overall frame. The ultimate goal is to have no bezel at all.

TV Bezels
Because bezels are increasingly thinner, this 40" TV was installed in the same vertical space as the 32" TV ten years earlier.

Less and Less Bezel
Smartphone such as this Galaxy Note 8 have less bezel than previous devices. The rounded edges seem to make the screen borderless at the sides. (Image courtesy of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.,
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Minimix has a sun-brushed silver-colored dial with rose gold-colored print and is topped with a polished stainless steel bezel and case.
The previous aluminum bezel on the Planet Ocean has been replaced with a ceramic bezel which is scratchproof and looks better.
These Sport Class Ceramic timepieces stand out with the same stunning high-tech ceramic bracelet and bezel, a lightweight material harder than steel, entirely scratchproof, and hypoallergenic.
By running the tips of one's fingers over the dial, one can feel the perfect smoothness of the sapphire crystal soon replaced by grooves in the AlTiN bezel.
With a world record for narrowest bezel 3D TV, the product is
This multi-screen system uses Sharp's new PN-V601 60V-inch professional-use LCD monitor, which is designed to make the seams (joins) between bezels unobtrusive and enable large multi-screen displays to be created.
The optional IP65/NEMA4X bezel provides water & dust protection for dirty or wet environments.
Germany's CONRAC displayed its latest generation of flat screens for digital signage, which are largely characterised by their almost frameless design which have a bezel width of less than 0.
Pocan DP 1203 is designed to meet new, stricter demands in bezel design and processing.
Tommy Hilfiger Green diamante bezel watch, pounds 85 by Goldsmiths' 9.
There are three different package sizes: six, eight and 14 mm; three bezel styles: prominent, recessed and flush; and three bezel finishes: bright chrome, black chrome and satin grey.
Locman Italian-made watch with diamond bezel and teal lizard strap, $995.