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Biased Sample: Estimation by Incorporating Information in the Predictor Variable Importance Weights.
Moreover, many women may not agree to being examined, producing a biased sample.
Summaries of evidence will yield misleading results if they try to combine results across patient groups or test methods that are too heterogeneous; if they assemble an incomplete, biased sample of potentially available studies; or if they use results from studies that are themselves methodologically weak and very susceptible to bias.
Finally, even within this already biased sample, Alford excludes contradictory data.
In this paper, results reported in absorbed current were generally not acquired using a voltage biased sample mount, while those results reported in backscatter coefficient, ([eta]), were acquired using a voltage biased sample mount.
ONCE again, the Looking Back picture storms to the top of most popular item chart in the Daily Post, our statistics being based on a totally biased sample derived from Trust the Post's bulging mailbag.
A conservative organization, the Colorado-based Physicians Resource Council, told the AAP that the studies on which the academy based its decision had inadequate sample sizes, biased sample selection, lack of proper controls, or failed to account for confounding variables.
Admittedly, our survey is a small and somewhat biased sample. Nonetheless, the findings contain some important messages.
But, they state, the search engines "typically index a biased sample of the Web." They point to the overemphasis on popular pages, or pages with many links, and suggest that valuable new research is not found by the researcher who needs it because of this propensity.
In this note, we show that the DWS is a severely biased sample of workers who have lost their jobs.(6) By pooling the DWSs, it is possible to compare estimates of the number of displaced workers for the same point in time based on recollections from different points in time.