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bibcock, bib, bibb, bib tap

A faucet or stopcock which has its nozzle bent downward.
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But you may think that I've left out one crucial piece of the story: Bibb was working in a law office, and his superiors in the chain of command did not agree with him.
"Technology is a great tool, but it all comes together on the front line," says Bibb. "Also, we prefer the phrase 'cross-servicing' to 'cross-selling' since most bank personnel consider themselves in the personal service business, not the sales business."
(11.) See Dixon for an excellent discussion of Henry Bibb's relationship to wildemess, as well as a most Important treatment of African American literature and landscape.
Now Spot is rushed into a canine witness protection programme and goes to live with a boy called James (Jones) and his mother Stephanie (Bibb).
Eric is the son of famous sixties folk singer Leon Bibb and his uncle is the world famous jazz pianist and composer John Lewis, of the Modern Jazz Quartet fame.
Bibb was at the forefront of the country blues guitar revival, and his father was folk singer Leon Bibb.
Tom Muscalino, president of Dan River, said, "Both Bibb and Dan River are on a growth path, and we will continue to invest everywhere to increase our capacities and lower costs.
Bibb's material, judging from the 31 pages of source notes, was limited to previously published articles in newspapers and magazines.
Ted Turner comes from these pages somewhat larger than life, which is undoubtedly how Porter Bibb sees him, and how he must appear to most ordinary people.
Bibb says biocorrosion is more of a problem in newer plants constructed since 1975.
Among the many stars to walk the red carpet at Sunday's Academy Awards in Hollywood, California were Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb. The couple has made appearances throughout the awards' season with Rockwell being honored for his role on "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri."
Currently, people inside the former unincorporated Bibb County pay $12.75 a month while residents in the former Macon city limits pay $15 a month.