bid letting

bid opening

The opening and tabulation of bids submitted by the prescribed bid time and in conformity with the prescribed procedures. Also see bid time.
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Bid letting is set for May with construction for late summer to early fall.
It had ceased operations for the better part of a year following allegations of lax oversight and non-competitive bid letting.
A longtime Prairie customer and one of a pool of contractors the producer recommended Indiana RR officials to include in the bid letting, K-Five brought raft yard experience, plus concrete and asphalt competencies to Indianapolis.
The Illinois Department of Transportation's plans to replace a Route 1 South railroad bridge were once again pulled this month from the regular bid letting.
The Associated Press (AP) recently reported that board members of the Minnesota Soybean Processors have decided to postpone bid letting for a proposed $14-million, 30-gallon biodiesel production plant, thus delaying construction of the facility, which was originally scheduled to begin operating in June 2005.
But we wanted completed plans three days before the bid letting so they would be available to contractors at the on-site prebid meeting, and that meant plans would have to be finished in 13 days.
The participants toured a project job site near Nashville and prepared actual bids that were opened by Tennessee Department of Transportation Construction Office personnel during a mock bid letting.
Seven tasks make up the selection stage: risk analysis, conceptual design, hardware design, system specification, hardware specification, bid letting, and bid review and supplier selection.
4 million project has an April bid letting and is slated for a mid-to late summer construction date.
Several years after the plans were complete and before the bid letting, the director of bridges was reviewing the plans.