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This document contains the following papers on theory from the SITE (Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education) 2002 conference: (1) "The Emerging Ecological Contribution of Online Resources and Tools to K-12 Classrooms" (Therese Laferriere, Robert Bracewell, Alain Breuleux); (2) "Pedagogical Ethnotechnography: A Bifocal Lens To Understand Technology in Education" (Prince Hycy Bull); (3) "The Design of Electronic Learning Environments in Teacher Education: Understanding the Importance of Representation as a Choice in Technology Production" (Sebnem Cilesiz and Richard E.
Last April, Vistakon in Jacksonville, Fla., introduced a bifocal lens with five concentric rings of different optical powers.
A bifocal lens system correction eliminates the limitation of monochromatic virtual images.