Big Top

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Big Top


a collapsible structure designed for traveling circus shows. A big top is usually a dome-shaped canvas tent stretched over tall center poles and side poles by means of various fastenings; inside the tent are stands for spectators, room for equipment, and a backstage area. Big tops originated in the 1830’s at the Cirque d’Eté on the Champs Elysées in Paris. They became widely popular in the USA and later in other countries. The first one in Russia was constructed in Moscow, in Neskuchnyi Sad in 1830.

The big top was the main circus structure in prerevolutionary provincial Russia, and traveling circuses with big tops of various types are practically the only form of circus in all the capitalist countries. In the USSR, a vast network of tent circuses is operated simultaneously with numerous permanent circuses.


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Under the cover of the heated big top, our circus will be a great way to keep children of all ages entertained whatever the weather
Regardless of whether we hit our target, we will still have indoor events at the various bars and cafes along the street, however we are aiming to have a circus big top on the Mystery which will have bands, a local market, even pro wrestling, as well as a massive dedicated kids area.
Mighty USS Antietam returned from patrol to its homeport in Yokosuka, Japan one month after the big top event, having participated in exercise TALISMAN SABER as part of the USS George Washington Carrier Strike Group with naval forces of the Royal Australian Navy.
Bianco is at NoFit State Big Top, John Street, Cardiff, CF10 5PE, from tonight until June 27.
There is a lot more to circuses than what one may see once under the big top.
The festival is also being held in a round marquee for the first time so we're even adding trapeze artists and acrobats to tie in with the Big Top theme.
It quickly became known as the Big Top site because a circus with its big top was held there until 1958.
IT MIGHT be mid-summer but the focus is on Christmas in Liverpool as the Echo Arena reveals it is to stage one of the best loved pantos of all in a big top tent.
A celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon was a perfect choice for this gala under the Big Top, with lots of colorful Asian-inspired attire for the guests, thrilling entertainment from Chinese hat and vase jugglers (along with homegrown talent from Sailor Circus), and a yum chocolate sushi (filled with coconut, not rice) with chocolate bento box and green tea ice cream for dessert.
TEESSIDE vicar Rachel Harrison will never forget the day she christened little Daisy May Jolly - in a big top filled with llamas, ponies and clowns.
Summary: Derek Acorah's Michael Jackson: The Live Seance has been named the worst programme of the past year along with Horne & Corden and Big Top.