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Bijective mapping between nodes on the receiver end and units on the sender end are applied in interpolation method.
Problem statement: Find a differentiable bijective mapping function m that takes as input the tuples of the input image and outputs a new set of tuples whose statistics match the statistics of the target tuples.
Neutrosophic crisp homeomorphism is a bijective mapping f of NCTs (X, [[GAMMA].
A weak isomorphism f: H [right arrow] K between two SVNHGs H = (X, E, R) and K = (Y, F, S) is a bijective mapping f: X [right arrow] Y, which satisfies f is homomorphism, such that:
Kotzig and Rosa [17] defined a magic labeling on a graph G to be a bijective mapping that assigns the integers from 1 to p+q to all the vertices and edges such that the sums of the labels on an edge and its two endpoints is constant for each edge.
Also, we recall that a bijective mapping can be computed by a program of length 2n--1; we give, for a general arbitrary mapping, two methods to build a program with maximal length 4n--3, one of which is equivalent to a known method in network theory (Section 4), one of which available on the boolean set is new and more flexible (Section 5); and we build, for a linear mapping of a rather general kind, a program with maximal length 2n--1 (Section 6).
a] [member of] R, there exists a bijective mapping h : B(a, [r.
Let f : (X, [tau]) [right arrow] (Y, [sigma]) be an IFWG * open bijective mapping from an IFTS (X, [tau]) onto an IFTS (Y, [sigma]).
It therefore behooves that the bijective mapping and the corresponding elements must be adequately considered to enhance the translation credibility of the decision process.
Two quasigroups <Q, x> and <Q', *> are called isomorphic, if there exist the bijective mapping [tau] : Q [right arrow] Q', such that [tau](x x y) = [tau](x) * [tau](y) for each x,y [member of] Q.
We proceed with the description of the bijective mapping [[THETA].
1] is monotone increasing, if we note it bijective mapping.