bilingual education

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bilingual education

bilingual education, the sanctioned use of more than one language in U.S. education. The Bilingual Education Act (1968), combined with a Supreme Court decision (1974) mandating help for students with limited English proficiency, requires instruction in the native languages of students. The National Association for Bilingual Education (founded 1975) is the main U.S. professional and advocacy organization for blingual education. Critics (including the national group English First), who maintain that some students never join mainstream classes, have attempted to make English the “official” language in several states and cities; state ballot initiatives approved in California (1998) and Arizona (2000) mostly eliminated bilingual education programs there. Bilingualism proponents note the importance of ethnic heritage and the preservation of language and culture, as well as the need to educate non-English-speaking students in all subjects, not just English.


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In the United States, Latinx (1) K-12 students receive explicit and implicit messages that their linguistic practices are not welcome in the classroom, resulting in subtractive bilingual education (Cervantes-Soon, 2014; Flores, 2016).
After decisively rejecting bilingual education in 1998, state voters enthusiastically endorsed its return in 2016.
USC education professor Eurydice Bauer will serve as director of the center, after spending time in Illinois establishing and growing bilingual education programs.
The first chapter of Rethinking Bilingual Education opens with a passionate essay titled "Colonizing Wild Tongues" by Camila Arze Torres Goitia.
From the standpoint of bilingual education, moreover, teaching Japanese does not simply mean that the language skills will automatically improve, and thus, it is helpful for students to learn Japanese through an academic subject, namely, mathematics.
The ballot measure essentially repealed Proposition 227, the 1998 law that made It tougher for districts to offer bilingual education. Students could enroll In dual-language classes only if their parents signed a waiver to opt in.
The students' needs, the official curriculum, the funds available and, especially, the teachers themselves, all have a bearing on the practical implementation of bilingual education programmes.
At the same time, I also found Dr Thomas of Llantwit Major's letter suggesting the Assembly and supporters of bilingual education should focus their efforts on the North and West Welsh speaking heartlands of Wales most thought provoking (WM letters, June 30).
First, and foremost, I am able to reassure parents that the preponderance of research--an evidence base that is rapidly growing--suggests that bilingual education does not cause language delays or problems with English fluency.
Nearly a decade ago, voters approved a ballot question eliminating bilingual education in Massachusetts and replacing it with sheltered English immersion.

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