bill of quantities

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quantity survey

A detailed analysis and listing of all items of material and equipment necessary to construct a project. Also called a takeoff.
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The ranking of tenders is based on the total amount, exclusive of VAT, bill of quantities attached to ~ offer obtained by multiplying the rounded unit prices in the second decimal place quoted by bidders for each position of the bill of quantities by the corresponding indicative quantities fixed by the power adjudicateur.
Given the diversity of the work envisaged, the bill of quantities should be regarded as a slip whose unit prices must be fixed by contractors except some global positions whose amount is set by the administration, as the reserved amount (X9100 post) and the sum reserved for setting CET (D9100).
The subject of the public contract is the processing of documentation for land management (DUR), documentation for building permission (DSP) processing blind itemized bill of quantities, including the award-winning itemized budget for DSP processing documentation for construction (DPS) processing blind itemized bill of quantities, including winning itemized budget for DPS, performance designer~s supervision during construction.