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What does it mean when you dream about a wallet?

Like all other dream symbols, the dream setting provides clues for interpreting this symbol. A wallet may indicate financial resources or self-identification (e.g., an I.D. kept in a wallet).

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My fingers are on his lips and with his free hand he slips the card into the billfold.
Lacy tried to locate the wallet's owner via the credit cards in the billfold, but was unsuccessful, so ended up taking it to the Sheriff's station.
A second variety consists of all of the other $10 bills in my billfold, ones that I did not so much as touch in this transaction.
A recent Steak-n-Shake commercial made fun of a man because he used the word pocketbook instead of billfold.
The Afghan offence quickly takes advantage of the confusion to snatch Petraeus's billfold.
A high percentage of those in this second group have never been introduced to quality leather, except perhaps in selecting a billfold.
The gun on your belt should be as normal to you as the billfold or keys in your pocket and the only way to achieve that level, of comfort is to make carry your regular routine--a habit.
Altogether a cause for rejoicing as we forge ahead in the struggle to achieve inner tranquility, which for me the other morning included misplaced glasses, a madcap dash to the airport, and en route in the taxi a call from my wife saying, "You forgot your billfold.
While Pierre still hooks up with some of the cutest boys in Paris, his encounters aren't set to rapturous violins but to the sounds of Pierre's crinkling billfold as he fishes it out of his pocket.
When the cookie invasion hits our shores, we must stand strong and deliver the following message to the Yanks: "You say billfold, we say wallet.
When polled, Japanese say they prize luxury goods for their "durability" a curious response given the ease with which one could find a wallet of the same or better quality as a Louis Vuitton billfold for significantly less.
He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket, opened a leather billfold on the table, and produced an uncashed check for five pounds.