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1. A transverse space in a church a few steps above the floor of the nave and aisles, and separating them from the apse.
2. In a synagogue, a raised pulpit from which the Torah (Holy Bible) is read.
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Stretching along the platform behind the bimah is a full-height wall formed of vertical white-painted wood slats backed with white fabric.
The bimah, the lectern where the Torah scroll was once read, was visible under plastic sheeting, and a niche in the wall facing toward Jerusalem was all that remained of the elaborate wooden ark that held the scrolls.
A bimah - a platform where a religious preacher stands - was uncovered, confirming that this site is a cathedral, according to the Archeological director.
The Orthodox Jewish tradition does not allow women on the bimah, the synagogue equivalent of the Christian church altar.
Finally, Tiffany glass that had decorated the Forty-third Street sanctuary was re-employed in the bimah of the Beth-El side chapel.
Gluck, observed the way some congregations indiscriminately invite youngsters of all ages to come dashing up onto the bimah just before a service's conclusion, including the final one of Yom Kippur (Ne'ilah), and encourage them to mill around aimlessly as if at a playground.
The orange is a modern response to a comment a conservative rabbi once made about women becoming rabbis: "A woman belongs on the bimah (the area from which the service is conducted) like an orange belongs on a Seder plate.
The men ceremoniously remove a Torah scroll from the ark and carry it around the sanctuary for worshipers to touch with their prayer shawls before it is placed on the bimah and read.
My legs feel weak as I climb the two steps up onto the bimah and sit in the chair that's waiting for me.
One winning congregation ramped the sanctuary to allow access to the bimah and the Ark.
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