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Given the diverse questionnaires and type of patients included to date, the aim of the present study was to show the benefit obtained with regard to the QOL for a group of patients treated with bimodal stimulation (CI in the ear with profound hearing loss and HA in the contralateral ear), with different degrees of hearing loss in the better ear, and compare them with a group of patients with profound, bilateral hearing loss who used a unilateral CI.
Royal Jordanian joins other 12 companies that already signed this code-share, bimodal agreement (air and rail).
Concluyeron que la modalidad del curso (presencial, bimodal o virtual) no es un factor determinante para el aprendizaje, mientras que, en cuanto a calidad de sus cursos, mas bien el alumnado enfatiza en la forma en que sus instructores eligen y preparan su material didactico, la forma en que se entrega, las formas en que las instructoras y los instructores se ocupan de diferentes estilos de aprendizaje, y en los desafios intelectuales que se presentan durante el curso.
"A number of trains being used byGWRare already the new bimodal trains brought in by the UK Government and they have advised me that they expect all their old style diesel trains to have been replaced by the end of the year."
Most previous bimodal CI studies have been conducted with English-speaking CI users.
The end most people want is greater capacity, speed, efficiency, cleanliness and lower fares, this bimodal means might be proportionate and appropriate but requires wider debate.
Figure 1 shows the bimodal asymmetrical image, which can be expressed by [35]
A bimodal spectrum is a particular PSD in the random vibration stress response of a structure.
Bimodal IT, which segments IT into two streams of management and innovation, has captured the imaginations of CIOs.
HDPE resins made with Lynx technology are used in bimodal film and pipe.
In this article, we present different polymer approaches to formulate sponge compounds, such as an amorphous, high diene, medium molecular weight, metallocene EPDM rubber grade; two amorphous, bimodal, high molecular weight, conventional EPDM rubber grades; blends of EPDM grades with a metallocene propylene-ethylene elastomer; and blends of metallocene and bimodal EPDM rubber grades.
The acquisition BASF's Polyolefin Catalysts business includes its LYNX high-activity PE catalyst technologies that are utilised commercially in slurry processes for the production of high-density PE resins such as bimodal film and pipe.