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Our study shows that binomial or OLS models may match the unadjusted means but poorly estimate the entire distribution when the outcome is bimodally distributed.
Precipitation was bimodally distributed with most falling as snow from January-February, followed by a late summer monsoon (Banner et al.
Precipitation averaged 48-56 cm/year and occurred bimodally in summer as rain and during winter as snow.
Bimodally aided participants removed their hearing aid and were fitted with an earplug in the nonimplanted ear during the tomography.
Since it has been well known that the frame size is distributed bimodally in LAN, 100 B for a small frame and 1500 B for a large frame are set.
The frequency data for personality types, however, may explain our colleagues' impressions of a bimodally distributed student body.
spectrum than can be captured bimodally. For example, funding for group
These data were bimodally distributed and could not be transformed to conform to a normal distribution.
In short, culture wars discourse conceives American society as bimodally distributed into two polarized, independent and largely distinct groups.
Based on our report data, we believe the industry may be 'bimodally distributed' this year: that is, the number of companies increasing budgets are matched by those decreasing budgets (see fig.
Annual rainfall, which occurs from April to November, is between 1600 and 2000 mm, bimodally distributed with peaks in July and September and with a very high intensity.