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(9)Converting the abscissa value of safe vault into 16-bit binary, and then BCH coding, finally 500 binary number v' is obtained.
The IEIEA commences with the building of an initial population, normally by spreading random binary numbers within investigated space.
Students learn how to count to 10 using the binary number system.
[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is a binary number and its positions of the digits are n, n-1, n-2, , 2, 1, 0.
The binary number 1 would denote "true" (yes, inside a class), 0 would be "false" (no, outside a class).
For each binary number in IA we can construct a product of the reflection coefficients according to Fig.
What symbol or letter each binary number represents is, of course, arbitrary; any binary number could be used to represent any individual character.
That is how old Claude Shannon, the inventor of the bit (binary number system), would have been last week had he been alive
In other words, each problem variable is represented by a binary number as a gene.
This last result showing a remarkable pattern using binary numbers is quite striking as it is, but the point is emphasised when each of the individual "student disks" counts his or her moves, and, after the task is completed, the group lines up as a binary number.
Value of each pixel of input image is converted into equivalent eight bit binary number. Now we add the ASCII Value of each byte of the password and generate a number from the password.