binding wire

tie wire

An annealed iron wire, used to tie steel reinforcing bars together in reinforcement, 1.
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Locla Pesco officials said that the wire connecting the transmitter went short which should have been clipped with steel binding wire, but was attached to the wall with iron ones which rusted in a year.
A further 350 kits, which include a shovel, pickaxe, adze, hammer, nails, pliers, pincers, chisel, wrench, trowel, hand saw, gloves, nylon rope, binding wire and a packing bag will be distributed in Dir this weekend, to allow returning families to repair their damaged houses and plant their kitchen gardens at the start of the spring season.
4 per cent in the price of the Chinese made binding wire (10 kg/bundle), along with the average prices of hollow concrete block decreased by 3.
Leaving a gap of five inches to allow the heat from the lamp bulb to escape, wrap a piece of material round the top of the lamp, just below the three spirals, to cover the binding wire, and stitch in place.
a Division of Standex International Corporation and sole manufacturer of Original WIRE-O(R) binding wire, for Scan-Optics' Access Services Division to perform field service on a nationwide basis.
01 Binding wire IMS binding wire 22 Gauge) iteml 10.
Limited Tenders are invited for Welding rod binding wire
Quotation are invited for Cleaning of sewerline in Bihar Bhawan for the year 2017-18-Cleaning of existing sew- 1 erine 150mm to 300mm dia between two existing manhole with manual method by arranging nylon rope 25mm dia machine made of approved quality weight not less than 300gm per meter MS/GI chain 25mm thick bucket type weight not less than 1kgfm including providing and fixing jute poly-then bages in the shape of knot with binding wire at the end of MS/GI chain & nylone rope necessary arrangement for plugging, knotting, dewatering etc.
Tenders are invited for Replacement/Fixing Of Hessian Cloth At Ge(Ep)Jodhpur 1 Fixing of Hessian cloth over a cradle type base of 14 guage binding wire at an regular interval of 900 mm long width of shed and 1000 mm length of shed under roof of following shed to prevent stores from dirt and heat as directed by GE/BSO.
Tenders are invited for Supply of stores binding wire to be delivered at 509 sstc bastia under stf hirak in uttrakhand
Each piece of ISMB will be painted with one coat of red oxkJelSO ml OG colour paint will be supplied for each ISMB in drum of 10 Krs,HDPE cover 12' x 12' 250 Micron Black OG colour,Supply of Binding Wire 22 gauge.