binding wire

tie wire

An annealed iron wire, used to tie steel reinforcing bars together in reinforcement, 1.
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Locla Pesco officials said that the wire connecting the transmitter went short which should have been clipped with steel binding wire, but was attached to the wall with iron ones which rusted in a year.
A further 350 kits, which include a shovel, pickaxe, adze, hammer, nails, pliers, pincers, chisel, wrench, trowel, hand saw, gloves, nylon rope, binding wire and a packing bag will be distributed in Dir this weekend, to allow returning families to repair their damaged houses and plant their kitchen gardens at the start of the spring season.
Leaving a gap of five inches to allow the heat from the lamp bulb to escape, wrap a piece of material round the top of the lamp, just below the three spirals, to cover the binding wire, and stitch in place.