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Hence, mild variations in mitochondrial bioenergetics will have significant effects on the brain.
Seahorse's leading technology enables researchers to better understand cell health, function and signaling, and how the cell may be impacted by the introduction of a specific drug, by providing real-time kinetics to unlock essential cellular bioenergetics data.
Deficits in bioenergetics and impaired immune response in granulocytes from children with autism.
Never is your heart in greater need of efficient bioenergetics than during and immediately after a heart attack.
Unfortunately, variables affecting thermoregulation such as precipitation, wind, and radiant energy are seldom documented (Parker and Robbins 1985), and lack of standardization in techniques and variable diets are cause for caution when comparing bioenergetic studies of cervids (Renecker and Hudson 1986).
The study indicated that CO induces an anti-Warburg effect by rapidly fueling cancer cell bioenergetics, ultimately resulting in metabolic exhaustion.
We used a bioenergetics model to calculate baseline consumption rates in the San Juan Islands, Washington.
Several studies have compared the bioenergetics of white-footed mice (P leucopus) and golden mice (O.
The fundamental role of CoQ10 in mitochondrial bioenergetics and its well acknowledged antioxidant properties constitute the basis for its clinical applications.
Coverage encompasses clinical phenotypes, prevalence, relationship to other diseases, incidence in special populations, clinical terminology, gene profiling and bioenergetics of the normal heart, and molecular, genetic, biochemical, and cellular techniques for understanding pathogenesis and pathophysiology.
The head of bioenergetics at Moscow State University, backed by other experts, said: "Ninety-nine per cent of the time oxygen turns into harmless water, but there's that one per cent that turns into a super-oxide that later turns into very poisonous elements.
Ulrich Brandt, Professor for Molecular Bioenergetics and member of the excellence centre "Macromolecular Complexes" and Dr.