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An adhesive substance, the glycocalyx, and the bacterial community which it envelops at the interface of a liquid and a surface. When a liquid is in contact with an inert surface, any bacteria within the liquid are attracted to the surface and adhere to it. In this process the bacteria produce the glycocalyx. The bacterial inhabitants within this microenvironment benefit as the biofilm concentrates nutrients from the liquid phase. However, these activities may damage the surface, impair its efficiency, or develop within the biofilm a pathogenic community that may damage the associated environment. Microbial fouling or biofouling are the terms applied to these actual or potentially undesirable consequences.

Microbial fouling affects a large variety of surfaces under various conditions. Microbial biofilms may form wherever bacteria can survive; familiar examples are dental plaque and tooth decay. Dental plaque is an accumulation of bacteria, mainly streptococci, from saliva. The process of tooth decay begins with the bacteria colonizing fissures in and contact points between the teeth. Dietary sucrose is utilized by the bacteria to form extracellular glucans that make up the glycocalyx and assist adhesion to the tooth. Within this microbial biofilm or plaque the metabolic by-products of the bacterial inhabitants are trapped; these include acids that destroy the tooth enamel, dentin, or cementum.


A microbial (bacterial, fungal, algal) community, enveloped by the extracellular biopolymer which these microbial cells produce, that adheres to the interface of a liquid and a surface.
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The basal level of the biofilm total antioxidant capacity was higher in RCa than SCa.
About AQUACEL(TM) Ag+ Dressings AQUACEL(TM) Ag+ dressings are designed to address three key barriers to wound healing: excess exudate, infection and biofilm.
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In recent years, the increasing occurrence of antibiotic-resistant biofilm forming pathogens has become a global issue of concern.
In the seven years since the first edition, biofilm technology has seen major improvements, including its use in wastewater treatment and microbial fuel cells.
Meanwhile, the pathogenic bacteria that form biofilms "talk" and strategize amongst themselves, finding ways to stay alive.
Biofilm provides an environment for anaerobic bacteria which corrode your system
Mary Corcoran, a researcher on the study, said that they found that it was not possible to kill the Salmonella cells using any of the three disinfectants if the biofilm was allowed to grow for seven days before the disinfectant was applied, asserting that even soaking the biofilms in disinfectant for an hour and a half failed to kill them.
A team from Newcastle University found that when under threat, some bacteria can shield themselves in a slimy protective layer, known as a biofilm.