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Animal and plant life characterizing a given region.
Flora and fauna, collectively.


Collectively, the plants, micro-organisms, and animals of a region.



a historically composed aggregate of plants and animals, united by a common area. As opposed to a biocenosis, the species composing a biota do not necessarily have to be linked ecologically (for instance, the kangaroo and the lungfish Ceratodus, both components of the Australian fauna). However, in many cases the identical aggregate of organisms can be viewed as both a biota (from the point of view of biogeography) and as a biocenosis (from the point of view of ecology).


Bobrinskii, N. A. Geografiia zhivotnykh. Moscow, 1951.
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Hone expects that his colleagues will uncover a bird belonging to the Daohugou Biota within a decade.
Data on radionuclide activity concentrations in lake water and bottom sediments were chosen to evaluate the impact that radionuclides of natural and technogenic origin have on Lake Druksiai biota (Table 1).
Thanks to the bird flu and swine flu scares, Biota s royalties more than doubled to a$45 million ($37.
On 5 May 2004, Biota launched its litigation in the Victorian Supreme Court against the global pharmaceutical company, GSK, claiming that GSK was in breach of its contract with Biota to promote and support Relenza, the world's first influenza antiviral drug.
The scientists attribute these extraordinary concentrations to the termites' gut biota, which they say continued to digest the insects' last meal and produce gases even after their host died.
Biota, one of Australia's most internationally recognised pharmaceutical companies, has posted a lower than expected half year profit.
Tyrrell, who pays considerable attention to market forces, does not ignore economics; rather he demonstrates how the interaction of cultural, ecological and economic processes shaped both the motivations behind, and the often-unanticipated outcomes of, mixing biota.
The organic contaminants of primary concern are hydrophobic and thus partition from water to suspended matter, sediments and biota with concentration ratios or partition coefficients often in the millions.
A number of pesticides mimic some properties of the female sex hormone oestrogen and there is potential for such chemicals to have chronic impacts on aquatic biota, according to the report.
Many of the campers, were it not for the convenience, special pricing, and promotion of Camp Biota by the corporation, would lack the opportunity to benefit from a quality camp experience.
The effects of drought on the biota of standing waters and flowing waters and of temporary waters and perennial systems are described and compared.
Contract award: monitoring the effects of highway d4 jarovce bratislava-ivanka north-raca expressway r7 bratislava bratislava ketelec-prievoz-bratislava-danube lu nEi-holice on the environment - surface water, ground water, air, noise, biota prior to construction.