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Animal and plant life characterizing a given region.
Flora and fauna, collectively.


Collectively, the plants, micro-organisms, and animals of a region.



a historically composed aggregate of plants and animals, united by a common area. As opposed to a biocenosis, the species composing a biota do not necessarily have to be linked ecologically (for instance, the kangaroo and the lungfish Ceratodus, both components of the Australian fauna). However, in many cases the identical aggregate of organisms can be viewed as both a biota (from the point of view of biogeography) and as a biocenosis (from the point of view of ecology).


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Genetic sequencing allowed further investigation of the Malassezia species as well as other biota communities on scalp.
Nutrients come not only from original plant residues, but some nutrients become attached to humic materials (highly degraded organic matter in soil), and are slowly released for plants and other soil biota.
Hone expects that his colleagues will uncover a bird belonging to the Daohugou Biota within a decade.
Phitoteraphia Biofitogenia Laboratorial Biota Ltda in Beauty and Personal Care (Brazil)
The aim of the work is to evaluate the exposure dose rate of reference biota of the Ignalina NPP cooling basis--Lake Druksiai (within the range of ERICA computer code valid in the European Union) by applying probabilistic methods based on experimental data accumulated during 1989-2003 and taking into account ecotoxicologic investigation of Lake Druksiai water and bottom sediments.
Tinkle Research Excellence Award--Presented to an individual who, in the past 10 years, has made a significant contribution to knowledge and understanding of the biota ofthe southwestern United States, Mexico, and Central America through scientific articles and books.
Very little work has been done on the isola-tion and identification of this fungal biota from ani-mal hair in Pakistan.
Biota this week announced successful results from late-stage trials in Asia for its flu treatment laninamivir, which showed it was as safe and effective as the drug Tamiflu, which governments have been stockpiling to fight swine flu and bird flu.
Ademas, el area de Los Marmoles esta en colindancia, en su porcion sur-sureste, con el Altiplano Mexicano, el cual posee caracteristicas mas xerofilas y una biota particular; y en la parte nor-noroeste colindan con la Sierra Madre Oriental, con la cual difiere biologicamente.
The safety and efficacy of a single dose of the inhaled medicine was "statistically indistinguishable" from a twice-a-day dose of Roche Holding AG's Tamiflu taken for five days, said Melbourne-based Biota Holdings Ltd.
Husky developed a 24-drop hot-runner system in a project with bottle maker Biota Brands of America Inc.
Today, PLA bottles, which are suitable for non-carbonated beverages, are being used by brands such as Biota Water, Naturally Iowa Dairy and Noble Juice.