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This guy" is pilot Mike Carpentiero of Jefferson, who operates Nostalgic Warbird & Biplane Rides, a company that takes folks up in the sky in historical planes.
Catherine Hayes (below) will be taking part in Wing Walk Yorkshire for Parkinsons UK on this Boeing Stearman biplane
The way Enzo Ferrari was building his cars, he wanted them to go faster than a biplane," said Jesse Vargas, General Manager, Ferrari world.
Wang and his colleagues Rui Hu, a postdoc in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Antony Jameson, a professor of engineering at Stanford University, have shown through a computer model that a modified biplane can, in fact, produce significantly less drag than a conventional single-wing aircraft at supersonic cruise speeds.
His biplane graffiti work, discovered on the side of Norwich House, has been altered with the words "BANKSY 4 ROBBO" spray-painted alongside it.
His biplane graffiti work, on the side of Norwich House, had the words "BANKSY 4 ROBBO" spray painted alongside it.
His biplane weighed about 1,100lb (500kg), attained a height of 130ft (40m) and travelled around 6 miles (10km), while today, an Airbus A380 taking off from Sydney weighs about 560 tonnes, cruises at 39,000ft (12,000m) and has a range of more than 9,300 miles (15,000km).
The factory built plane is acknowledged as the worldAEs leading competition aerobatic display biplane.
ENGINEERS at BAE Systems Brough are to restore one of the last surviving British biplanes to have seen active service.
However, computer flight simulations show that, if the animal took a strong horizontal leap from a branch, its biplane wings could have carried it to other trees at least 40 meters (130 feet) away.
About 125 million years before the two airmen lifted off at Kitty Hawk in their biplane, a 1-meter-long dinosaur was swooping from tree to tree with the same arrangement of wings, a new study suggests.
And spectators at Edwards Air Force Base's open house and air show weren't disappointed, with fighter jets screaming across the horizon and performances from biplane aerobatics and the precision flying of the U.