bird's eye

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bird’s eye

An eye-shaped figure in wood formed by small sharp depressions in the growth rings. Found particularly in sugar maple but also in other wood species.
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These are the first named chilli nut productson the market and by choosing one of the hottest chilli peppers available the Bird's Eye chilli nuts are sure to set punters' hearts racing,.
Recently dozens of independent ice cream wholesalers met in Birmingham to consider taking out a writ against Bird's Eye Walls under European regulations.
Mr Greg Barton, aged 49, who ran Midlands Ice Cream Supplies at Smethwick claims Bird's Eye Wall's had urged him to pump pounds 500,000 into his Gloucester operation which later closed with the loss of eight jobs.
The Commission said in May that it considered a monopoly situation may exist in favour of Bird's Eye Wall's.
One possible action was to ban Bird's Eye Wall's from signing contracts with retailers preventing them selling ice cream products from rivals.
Bird's Eye Wall's also faces having to end any deals it has with retailers who reserve space for its ice creams in shop freezers unless 40 per cent of the space was used to stock rival impulse ice cream products.
Chairman of Bird's Eye Wall's, Mr Iain Ferguson, said: "We are concerned that some of these hypothetical remedies may be disproportionate, given that little evidence has been produced to show that consumers and retailers are other than satisfied with Wall's brands, customer service or the way the market works.