bird's-eye maple

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bird’s-eye maple

Wood of the sugar maple tree, cut so as to produce a wavy grain with numerous small, decorative, circular markings.
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Thompson said he has noticed a preference for bird's-eye maple, anigre and burls for aircraft, while cherry and maple continue to be popular for architectural work.
You can crank the teak steering wheel, peek in the galley, and examine artifacts in the saloon--a cozy room with a curing etched-glass skylight and walls paneled with bird's-eye maple.
Figured sapele reminds me of a dark counterpart to bird's-eye maple, giving that intense pattern overall - like a fabric of pattern.
Theriault had experience buying and selling bird's-eye maple.
The load included bird's-eye maple, blistered birch and regular maple.
Exotics include curly maple, bird's-eye maple, quilted maple, blistered maple and maple hurl.
This single species exhibits a variety of figures, including: curly, fiddleback, quilted, blistered and tiger maple, along with bird's-eye maple and maple burl.
Some of the prized figures in wood would have been curly, fiddleback, and bird's-eye maple.
An entertainment center features a keystone pediment and bird's-eye maple veneer.
PHOTO : An Oriental-influenced armoire/media cabinet from the New Classics collection is cherry with bird's-eye maple doors, lacquer mouldings and marble caps.
Cavetto is a transitional style in maple solids and veneers, with optional bird's-eye maple inlays and detailing.
This chair has a triangular seat of wenge bordered in rosewood and a winged back of bird's-eye maple.