bird flu

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bird flu:

see influenzainfluenza
or flu,
acute, highly contagious disease caused by a RNA virus (family Orthomyxoviridae); formerly known as the grippe. There are three types of the virus, designated A, B, and C, but only types A and B cause more serious contagious infections.
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Bird flu viruses currently spread swiftly in wild birds and poultry, and can at times jump into humans.
Malaysia reported an outbreak of the highly contagious H5N1 bird flu virus on a farm in August.
The Philippines lost its reputation as one of the few countries in Asia that were left untouched by the bird flu on August 11, 2017.
Bird flu outbreaks are observed in a number of countries, including Italy, South Korea, Iraq, Iran, Russia, the UK, Afghanistan, China and others.
Bird flu has been detected in 75 wild birds so far in 2018, including a number of mute swans, Defra's records show.
While being of no risk to human health, Bird Flu has struck the UK again in the last week.
In the same village, 1,600 sentinel chicks were grown in four farms and checked for the presence of bird flu virus and its strain.
It is also issuing a list banning the importation of any foodstuffs from infected areas including bird flu.
The transport ban was imposed on poultry farms, transport firms and bird breeders after seven cases of bird flu were reported in the last 24 hours throughout the Kingdom, SPA said.
It will take 90 days for them to be declared free of bird flu, Ubial said, adding that flu vaccines could not protect humans against the bird flu virus, but could guard against flu mutation once a person was infected of bird flu.
The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture said that a temporary ban is in place on the import of live birds, hatching eggs and chicks from Zimbabwe after the highly virulent bird flu was reported.