oral contraceptive

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oral contraceptive:

see birth controlbirth control,
practice of contraception for the purpose of limiting reproduction. Methods of Birth Control

Male birth control methods include withdrawal of the male before ejaculation (the oldest contraceptive technique) and use of the condom, a rubber sheath
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oral contraceptive

[′ȯr·əl ‚kän·trə′sep·tiv]
Any medication taken by mouth that renders a woman nonfertile as long as the medication is continued.
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In recent years, birth control pills have been changed to include less hormones, resulting in fewer side effects.
Overall, for individuals without additional risk factors, the use of low-dose birth control pills to regulate cycles during perimenopause is a reasonable option.
After he found the compound estradiol in the fish tissue, he concluded estrogens from birth control pills were part of the problem.
Prudence Hall also states, "The birth control pill, by putting women into hormonal menopause, is counterproductive to goals of health and beauty.
I've heard that birth control pills "trick" the body into thinking it is pregnant.
Based upon the information provided, you do not appear to be at risk for the development of chronic amenorrhea once you discontinue birth control pills.
As strange as it sounds, most companies have been more willing to pay for surgery--tubal ligations, vasectomies and abortions--than less expensive methods like the birth control pill, Depo-Provera, Norplant, the IUD and the diaphragm.
It is a low-dose, tri-phasic hormonal birth control pill that provides high efficacy in pregnancy prevention with a low incidence of common side effects.
However, an analysis of 25 studies on the subject found that the increased risk for gallbladder disease among birth control pill users was not statistically significant.
In the United States, the birth control pill still reigns supreme.
These data demonstrate that women using ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN LO, an effective, low dose combination birth control pill, have significantly less breakthrough bleeding, regardless of age or weight.
A practical birth control pill for men has long been on medicine's wish list.