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While waiting for the potion that is to remove her birthmark, she convinces herself that her husband's love is extraordinary, "so pure and lofty that it would accept nothing less than perfection, nor miserably make itself contented with an earthlier nature than he had dreamed of" (52).
Conclusion: Mongolian blue spot are the commonest pigmented birthmarks observed followed by cafe-au-lait macules and congenital melanocytic nevi.
Rodriguez knocked Birthmark down with a pair of left hooks to the body at 1:10.
Ideally, quantitative EEG would be used as a noninvasive screening tool for children with facial port-wine birthmarks at risk for brain involvement to look for changes in brain function that would indicate the need for an MRI with contrast.
About 25 young patients at Birmingham Children's Hospital will benefit from the laser which enables surgeons to remove fine layers of the birthmark without damaging healthy tissue.
Set in the late eighteenth century, it begins with Aylmer, an eminent man of science, who has married the beautiful Georgiana, a woman with a small, red, hand-shaped birthmark on one cheek.
Why do we have birthmarks? I have one on my cheekbone.
Her birthmark seems to confirm this wholeness and difference, distinguishing her from other "heavy brown" (Sula 52) girls:
Most dermatologists prefer to use hemangioma to refer to a common type of vascular birthmark. These marks do not usually appear immediately after birth, but become visible within the first few weeks of life.
A BRAVE Scot who endured years of bullying over his facial birthmark is the poster boy for a campaign to make abuse against people with disfigurements a hate crime.