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a. a pale brown or yellowish-grey colour
b. (as adjective): biscuit gloves
2. earthenware or porcelain that has been fired but not glazed
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unglazed porcelain. From the middle of the 18th century, table-top sculpture groups were made of biscuit for service sets in the courts of Germany (meissen china), and to accompany the china of German courts; later such groups were also used in Russia, France, and Denmark. The best figures and sculptures of biscuit were made in the Sevres factory (France) from models of E. M. Falconet and in the Copenhagen factory (Denmark) from models of B. Torvald-sen.


Biriukova, N. Iu. Frantsuzskaia farforovaia plastika XVIII veka. Leningrad, 1962.
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(engineering acoustics)
A clay object that has been fired once prior to glazing.
Pottery that is unglazed in its final form.
An upset blank for drop forging.
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