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The extra clues of irregular LDPC codes permit the decoders to guess the value of certain bits with an extremely high confidence level.
Intel says the new software will increase performance of some 32-bit apps running on Itanium by converting code to 64 bits.
While few doubt that the software industry is destined to evolve to 64 bits, evolution is a long, slow process.
Physically overdeveloped for her age, Lil' Bit has an adolescent's awkward self-consciousness that finds an echo in Peck, a man who never really finished growing up.
A strangely old-fashioned and profoundly damaged human being, Peck and what he values most in life are about to be swept away by the ``New South'' of strip malls and subdivisions, which Lil' Bit refers to in her opening monologue.
Bit Group incorporated a number of e-commerce check-out best practices into the job renewal process.
Founded in 1995, Bit Group provides complete business solutions for companies that understand the importance of the web to create competitive advantage and market leadership.
It supports all standard down-mix modes and the full range of bit and sample rates.
Dolby Digital AC-3 Consumer encoder (DDCE): implements the consumer version of the Dolby Digital encoder, supporting 1- and 2-channel encoding over the full range of bit and sample rates.
According to the Kibbles 'n Bits Brushing Bites survey recently conducted by Harris Interactive(R):
The importance of a converged network is that BITS can now deliver advanced new customer services to ACBB community bank branches that would not have been possible before and at a significantly reduced cost and in a quicker timeframe.