bit error rate

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Bit Error Rate

(data, digital, communications)
(BER) The fraction of a message or block of data that is wrong.
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bit error rate (BER)

The number of bit errors in a sample divided by the total number of bits in the sample, generally averaged over many such samples (ICAO).
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(1) (Basic Encoding Rules) A set of encoding rules for ASN.1 notation, which is a method for defining data structures. See ASN.1.

(2) (Bit Error Rate) The average number of bits transmitted in error. See BERT.


(Bit Error Rate Test) An analysis of network transmission efficiency that computes the percentage of bits received in error from the total number sent.
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The number of transactions during the high-level simulation with a simple benchmark software is over 100 billion and all of these transactions are used to calculate the average bit error rate. Likewise, the proposed crosstalk model can simulate large amount of real bit-patterns on a complex SoC platform and software applications in a very short time A designer can conduct design space exploration with the chosen design parameter in wide range which gives a strong point in the early design stage.
The BER vs SNR class plots contain 95 % confidence intervals for the bit error rates calculated using (1) and the long-term bit error rates (denoted with black asterisks) estimated with the error model based on Neyman Type A contagious distribution.
Fournier-Prunaret, "A methodology for bit error rate prediction in chaos-based communication systems," Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, vol.
Alternative expression for probability of bit error rate The probability density function of Rician distributed random variable X can be expressed as [20]:
With all the links having the same average received SNR, Figure 10 shows average bit error rate of the MARC as function of [E.sub.b]/[N.sub.0].
We found that the different pumping configurations, ASE noise, and dispersion play an important role in network performance improving since it reduces noise figure and bit error rate (BER) of the system.
Compared to the conventional MIMO-OFDM 2 x 2 systems, this scheme gives additional diversity gain and improves the bit error rate performance without increasing the number of RF front-end circuits.
"The DCCC results are particularly noteworthy, not only for the distances achieved, but also due to the utilisation of frame error rate testing instead of the more commonly used bit error rate testing," says Baudouin Bareel, Director Nexans Cabling Technical.
Power consumption and the thermal load will be reduced, as well as the bit error rate.
Turbo Code is also used in optical OFDM multimode fiber communication system in order to decrease the bit error rate (BER) of the system.
Various research papers have been investigated for the analysis of the performance of radio over fiber system in terms of bit error rate and quality factor improvements.
Centallax introduced a multichannel signal integrity test system that uses up to five 10-Gbps pods to produce PRBS (pseudorandom bit sequence) patterns for performing BER (bit error rate) tests.