bit error rate

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Bit Error Rate

(data, digital, communications)
(BER) The fraction of a message or block of data that is wrong.

bit error rate (BER)

The number of bit errors in a sample divided by the total number of bits in the sample, generally averaged over many such samples (ICAO).
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Growth and demand for the bit error rate tester market are linked to R&D, monitoring and deployment investments by communications networks and device manufacturers.
The 418 page report includes extensive analysis of the bit error rate tester market, including historic and forecast data between 2003-2017, split by geographic markets - Asia-Pacific, Europe (comprised of France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe), North America, and Rest of World.
The BERT-IP technology enables customers to test these multi-gigabit SERDES connections at their rated speed and diagnose common PCB faults that can increase the bit error rate to unacceptable levels or prevent the connections from functioning all together.
Better error resiliency through advanced error correction technology that yields a bit error rate of 10-9 or better, resulting in cable-like quality.
The latest version of the product also includes new channel visualization and bit error rate (BER) analysis features, which enable users to access the communications system simulation capabilities of MATLAB(R) and Simulink(R) within one GUI environment.
EMC witnessed Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) achieving very high bandwidth utilization consistently from distances of hundreds of miles (with high bit error rates on dirty lines) to as far as geosynchronous satellite distances.
Typical satellite links exhibit high latency and bit error rates which can be challenging for the transmission of TCP.