bit stream

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bit stream

[′bit ‚strēm]
(computer science)
A consecutive line of bits transmitted over a circuit in a transmission method in which character separation is accomplished by the terminal equipment.
A binary signal without regard to grouping by character.
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(1) A DVD/Blu-ray mode (see Bitstream mode).

(2) A series of bits. A bitstream typically refers to the transmission of data but may refer to that same set of data in memory or in storage. A bitstream may be structured in any number of formats, but the term is used at the hardware level when referring to the actual flow of data.

Bytestreams and Octet Streams
A stream of bytes, also called "octets," is a "bytestream" or "octet stream." See byte and octet.

Application/Octet Stream
An "application/octet stream" refers to bytes flowing over the Internet.
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Step 4) sequentially pick two 3-bits length cover QR code message bit stream, and denote them as [x.sub.1] and [x.sub.2], where [x.sub.1] and [x.sub.2] stand for the value of the first and second 3-bits length message stream, respectively.
The decimal equivalents of secret bit streams embedded in [g'.sub.l] and [g'.sub.r] are [s.sub.1] and [s.sub.2], respectively, as in (7).
Partial bit stream of the requested function is downloaded from the host PC to the backup PRR in the first step (a).
Time spent in work center tours provide analysts with the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with senior NSA leaders and experts in the waveform, bit stream, and protocol domains.
After he finishes the design, he will launch the project for synthesis, place and route and bit stream generation inside the cloud.
Transmit the bit stream to the decoder side through NAL; at the same time, use part of the bit stream, which could be decoded on the encoder side, as reference frame.
In the stochastic implementing of F, each input number [x.sub.r], 1 [less than or equal to] r [less than or equal to] k, is represented by the corresponding stochastic bit stream, denoted by [mathematical expression not reproducible].
The incoming bit stream from the de-interleaver is decoded to extract the original transmitted data using (Berlekamp-Massey decoding algorithms for RS, Viterbi algorithms for CC, both algorithms for concatenated RS-CC).
Using unique random bit stream for each signal, we get the DQ0 eye shown in FIGURE 5.
All of the LEO and MEO mobile communication systems are digital taking advantage of voice compression techniques that allow a digital voice signal to be compressed into a bit stream at 4.8kbps.
The model is based on the interaction of video encoder and encoded bit stream by the means of a rate controller.
We maximize opportunities for customers with the industry's only solution to reliably carry a complete bit stream coming out of the on-air processor and packetizing it via IP, all while applying forward error correction and redundant streams."