bitmap font

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bitmap font

A font where each character is stored as an array of pixels (a bitmap). Such fonts are not easily scalable, in contrast to vectored fonts (like those used in PostScript).

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bitmapped font

A set of dot patterns for each letter and digit in a particular typeface (Times Roman, Helvetica, etc.) for a specified type size (10 points, 12 points, etc.). Bitmapped typefaces are either purchased in groups of pre-generated point sizes, or, for a wide supply of fonts, font generators allow the user to create a variety of point sizes. Bitmapped fonts take up disk space for each point size. Contrast with scalable font. See font and font generator.
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At the first AsiaSurf site, you have to fill in a registration form and send it in before reaching the download screen, where you'll see two choices: "Download Standard Version AsiaSurf," which includes bitmap fonts and outline fonts (about 5.4 MB), and "Download Simplified Version AsiaSurf," which includes only bitmap fonts (about 1.6 MB).
Other features of the QL84 includea 150-sheet cassette with single sheet feed for paper and envelopes; 7 bitmap fonts (the QL85 features additional fonts); 35-second warmup time, a toner saving mode and Auto Emulation Switching, which cuts energy usage.
It is compatible with most existing applications and bitmap fonts.
He also discusses hinting and antialiasing, methods for smoothing out and fixing up the jagged or fuzzy appearance that bitmap fonts sometimes have.