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desert gourd

desert gourd

A vine plant, mainly found in the deserts of Asia, Mediterranean, Egypt, Israel and Africa. Stem is source of water. Flowers and seeds edible, not the fruit. Bedouins use ground seeds to make bread. Citrussized fruit that looks like a small orange watermelon, which is an extremely strong laxative and liver purger. May cause violent pain and dangerous inflammation. Purging action of fruit is so strong, some women use it to abort pregnancy. Be VERY careful and know what you are doing with this plant.
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Bitter Apple (Citrullus colocynthis): An Overview of Chemical Composition and Biomedical Potentials.
Bitter apple, Citrullus colocynthis L., is a plant found in Africa and Asia that has been used for a variety of medicinal purposes, including pain relief and as a topical treatment on the feet of diabetic patients.
The objectives of this study aims to evaluate two concentrations (10 and 50%) the bitter apple, C.
Since saying "no" doesn't work for her, you could try exposing only flesh that has been rubbed with something that tastes bad, like a bitter apple spray, which would be available from your veterinarian.
There is a spray called bitter apple from pet shops, which is designed to protect items from chewing, it is non-toxic, safe and usually effective when sprayed over the items.
Grannick's Bitter Apple is available for dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, small furry animals and horses.
AL-LAITH: A local newspaper reported on Sunday that an old woman who had lost her sight nearly 50 years ago returned to the land of the seeing after her granddaughter accidentally struck her with a colocynth (aka bitter apple).
Congratulations to Councilors Andrea Ortiz, Jennifer Solomon, George Poling, Chris Pryor and Mike Clark for refusing to bite on Bettman's worm-infested, bitter apple.