Bitter End

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bitter end

[¦bid·ər ′end]
(naval architecture)
The end of a line or cable, especially the inboard end.

Bitter End


(in Russian, zhvaka-gals, from the Dutch zwak-hals), a device for securing the inboard end of the anchor chain to the hull of the ship. The bitter end consists of a short segment of chain secured to the hull of the ship with a hinged hook connecting it to the anchor chain. The expression “slacken to the bitter end” means to let the anchor chain out all the way. On-the-spot or remote release of the bitterend hook in an emergency frees the ship of the anchor.

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It's important they know we are up for the fight and we will fight for the school until the bitter end. I'm keeping my fingers crossed."
Offering a fresh look at the various surrenders that ended the war, To the Bitter End: Appomattox, Bennett Place, and the Surrenders of the Confederacy by Robert M.
The Bitter End folk club in New York's Greenwich Village was a regular venue for Dion.
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I would like to see the protesters get on their feet TO fight these projects to the bitter end.
The Bitter End opens tonight and is situated below The Hairy Lemon at The Square Shopping Centre.
FIFA member Mohamed Bin Hammam intends to fight allegations of bribery all the way to the bitter end - the 62-year-old telling friends he will not follow Jack Warner's example and resign.
Bitter End is far from an average story about abusive teen relationships and will linger on readers' minds long after the story is completed.--Jessica Skaggs.
KYLE EASTMOND'S days as a St Helens player look like they could come to a premature and bitter end.
"Party under Water" by Babak Amini, "Bitter End of Coffee" by Morteza Akuchekian and "The Sea was Mine One Day" by Sasan Farrokhnia are the Iranian short documentaries to be showcased at the festival.
You had to admire his courage and tenacity in fighting this horrible disease with so much strength of character to the bitter end.