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river, c.120 mi (190 km) long, rising in SW Mont. and flowing north to join the Clark Fork River near Missoula. A Roman Catholic mission was established on the river in 1841, and missionaries are credited with introducing farming in the area. The Bitterroot Valley experienced rapid population growth in the 1990s.


see purslanepurslane,
common name for some plants of the Portulaceae, a family of herbs and a few small shrubs, chiefly of the Americas. The portulacas or purslanes (genus Portulaca) include many species indigenous to the United States. The pussley, or common purslane (P.
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of Montana. [Flower Symbolism: Golenpaul, 636]
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On many mornings, the air above their small home is split by the roar of a privately owned jet airplane traveling to or from San Francisco, carrying the multimillionaire financier who has chosen to live in the Bitterroot Valley while working in the city.
The burgeoning housing market and an upcoming highway expansion threaten to erode the very amenities that make the Bitterroot attractive to people and safe for large carnivores," write Ben Alexander and Ray Rasker in a study commissioned by the Wilderness Society.
The Bitterroot Valley Community College Exploratory Committee is pushing for the school, saying it would give Bitterroot residents better access to higher education.
The Corps of Discovery, as the party was called, survived countless bear attacks, miserable weather and faulty information, such as the size of the Great Falls on the Missouri River, or the length of the traverse of the Bitterroots.
No matter how much Baldridge, the BBER survey designer, or the Bitterroot National Forest, which commissioned the survey, asked about future forest management, the people told stories about how they were affected by the fires of 2000.
The biggest predator issue right now, besides the Yellowstone wolves, is the proposed reintroduction of grizzlies into Idaho's Bitterroot ecosystem.
Tenders are invited for Telephone System as a billable service - Bitterroot College
Dennison said he does not believe it would conflict with the proposed Bitterroot Valley Community College.
Recent controversy over a Burned Area Recovery Plan for the Bitterroot National Forest illustrates some of the difficulties facing natural resource managers and policymakers in today's forest policy environment.
The Forest Service had sought to allow the logging of more than 40,000 acres of burned trees in the Bitterroot National Forest of Montana before completing the public appeals required by a 1992 law.
They do it on downhill skis and get their lift off of a naturally occurring jump at this 1,050-acre ski area in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains.