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various alcoholic beverages containing bitter principles, such as angostura bark, cascarilla, quassia, gentian, orange, quinine, and other flavoring agents, and prepared by infusion or distillation. They are used as appetizers, digestives, and flavoring for mixed drinks and frequently attain an alcoholic strength of 40%.
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medicinal substances, predominantly of plant origin, which have a strongly bitter taste and are used for increasing the appetite and improving digestion. Used as bitters are preparations made from one medicinal plant (such as common wormwood, gentian, dandelion, centaury, or clover) or several (as in bitter infusion). The action of bitters consists of the reflexive intensification of gastric juice secretion as a result of stimulation of the endings of the taste nerves in the mouth. Bitters are prescribed in the form of decoctions, infusions, extracts, and liqueur.

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According to the organisers, Adonko Bitters won the award because of its high quality standards and the enormous health benefits for its patrons.
Marston's pub group, which owns the pub, has taken over management and the staff employed under Bitters N Twisted remain.
In the Speciality Bitters category, young Formby brewery Red Star won Gold for its Weissbeer.
Fueled largely by the hard liquor and artisanal cocktail booms, bitters -- those astringent, potent flavor enhancers added by the drop to cocktails -- have become a big business.
A few logs on the fire and a glass of fine Bourbon with just the right mix of bitters and sweetness is one of life's purest joys.
A few scant years ago, if a patron strolled into an establishment and asked the barman what types of bitters he carried, he'd have probably been greeted with a look that was quizzical, to say the least.
The recipe for Angostura aromatic bitters is so closely guarded that it is practically a synonym for "secret," says Suraj Bachan, a taxi driver in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
ONE OF THE BEST EFFECTS of the ongoing cocktail revolution in restaurants and high-end bars has been the return of, and the rise in, the barman's use of bitters. Aromatic bitters were originally formulated for use as preventive tonics against the fevers and infections that threatened colonial visitors to the tropics.
"Over the past 24 months, the Bitters turned down very profitable straight sale transactions, which would have forced their 100% relocation to South Carolina," said John Maltz, managing director of Greiner-Maltz.
Deuchar's IPA, from the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh, set the pace last year and was awarded a bronze medal this time around in the Bitters category behind Bitter And Twisted and Daleside Bitter from Harrogate.
WHEN cocktails on the terrace are the order of the summer evening, sip a sundowner made with Angostura aromatic bitters.