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various alcoholic beverages containing bitter principles, such as angostura bark, cascarilla, quassia, gentian, orange, quinine, and other flavoring agents, and prepared by infusion or distillation. They are used as appetizers, digestives, and flavoring for mixed drinks and frequently attain an alcoholic strength of 40%.



medicinal substances, predominantly of plant origin, which have a strongly bitter taste and are used for increasing the appetite and improving digestion. Used as bitters are preparations made from one medicinal plant (such as common wormwood, gentian, dandelion, centaury, or clover) or several (as in bitter infusion). The action of bitters consists of the reflexive intensification of gastric juice secretion as a result of stimulation of the endings of the taste nerves in the mouth. Bitters are prescribed in the form of decoctions, infusions, extracts, and liqueur.

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Such is the growing demand they now account for one in three cans of bitter sold.
Guinness Draught Bitter is now firmly established as the leading premium draught bitter in a can and we believe that Cherry's Draught Bitter will quickly establish itself as the top-selling value for money brand within the standard bitter category," added MacNevin.
Sweet and bitter tastes were chosen because they are most critical and recognizable tastes for humans and other animals.
Bitters often are described as the salt of the cocktail world.
I've seen variations on the Old Fashioned using the rarely heard of Peychaud's bitters.
With the resurgent classic cocktail trend, Woodford Reserve and Bourbon Barrel Foods also wanted to create the one-of-a-kind Spiced Cherry Bitters to highlight the distinct flavors characteristic to the classic "Manhattan" cocktail, as well as the premium spirit of Woodford Reserve.
The Llangollen bitter is a bit darker and a bit stronger and Black Tom is a stout.
Along with the requisite bittering agents like gentian and quinine, today's cocktailians are employing every tropical fruit, exotic herb, heirloom vegetable and esoteric spice they can find, as well as changing up the base spirit from the standard overproof neutral grain to artisanal rums, whiskies, et al in order to give their bitters more depth and character.
Angostura Orange Bitters is made from a blend of citrus essence and oils from sweet and bitter oranges with spices from the secret recipe.
ALL VARIETIES OF BITTERS FALL INTO one of three categories.
It is a testament to the fortitude and vision of the Bitters and the creativity of Time Equities, the purchaser, that allowed for this win-win transaction", said Decio Baio, the consummating broker.